Saturday, February 19, 2011

Ordonez: Cabrera Must Act Like A Superstar

If anyone on the Detroit Tigers is going to show Miguel Cabrera some tough love, it looks like it'll be Magglio Ordonez. Ordonez hasn't been named captain or anything it's just that he seems like he's the most critical of Cabrera's actions that may possibly send him to rehab after being arrested for alledgedly drunk driving, resisting arrest, and basically being a jackass.

Ordonez told John Lowe of the Detroit Free Press that Cabrera "must act like a superstar".

“Miguel is the franchise player of this team,” Ordoñez said. “He understands that they are building the team around him. He needs to pull everything together. “He is a superstar, and he needs to act like a superstar. He needs to work hard. I told him before, and I will tell him whenever he shows up”.

It's clear that Ordonez supports his teammate and fellow Venezuelan. On the surface it looks like he'll sit Cabrera down and lay down the law. The Tigers desperately need Cabrera to be clean and on his best behavior. If he's going to keep having alcoholic relapses the Tigers would be wise to get rid of him.

No one knows what he does or what's going on off the field. He may have problems that we the fans or even teammates know the extent of. Whatever it is he has to figure it out and realize what's most important in his life. Ordonez says that he predicts Cabrera will pull it together. But will he do it for the greater good of himself of will he do it just to salvage his baseball career. His teammates are behind him, so he has support. There's no reason that I know of for him to pull the stunt that he pulled Wednesday night.    


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