Saturday, February 19, 2011

Marcus Camby Might Retire If He's Traded

With the trade deadline looming some teams are looking to shed some money off their books for some younger, cheaper talent. Recently it seems some veterans aren't looking to move from their current surroundings. Chauncey Billups said that he would take a buyout if he's traded from Denver. Portland's Marcus Camby has done him one better. According to sources, Camby says he'll contemplate retirement if he's traded.

“Marcus has made plenty of money in his career, and at this stage would not be keen to move to a rebuilding situation,’’ the source said. “If he is traded, he would likely contemplate retirement.’’

When it gets late in someone's career, sometimes a player is comfortable in their surroundings and don't want to move their family all over again. I think this is the case with Camby. He likes playing in Portland and maybe he likes the city.

“He really wants to stay in Portland, it’s his No. 1 choice,’’his agent Rick Kaplan said. “It was incredibly important to him when he signed his extension and moved his family that he stay in Portland. I think by now he understands it’s a business, but that’s where he wants to be.’’

I'm sure Portland wouldn't trade him unless they got fair value of course. But he wants to be there. Right now for Camby it's not about money and it's not about trying to find the best oppurtunity to win a championship. It's about him and his family being in a place that's comfortable for them. Besides, it wouldn't be in the Blazers' best interest to trade him since they're not too strong at the center position. But you never know.

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