Sunday, February 20, 2011

Pierce Gets No Love In His Hometown

Why is that a hometown hero can't get any cheers when they come home for an All-Star game. Paul Pierce was the latest to experience the hometown hate. Pierce plays for the Boston Celtics, and with the All-Star festivities being held in Los Angeles that should tell you all you need to know. Hey, Kobe Bryant experienced this when the game was held in Philadelphia. At least you expect it there.

Part of it comes from the fact that the player is usually killing the hometown every time they go there. At least Pierce understands why they boo him and embraces the hate.

“When you play for L.A.’s biggest rival, it’s tough getting booed by the fans. But I’m sure if Kobe Bryant was from Boston, he’d get booed, too, if he went back there. It’s something you get thrown into once you become a Celtic or a Laker. It’s automatic, regardless of how you used to feel about the Lakers or Boston. Once you put on one of the uniforms from either side, you automatically inherit the rivalry,” It’s something you get thrown into once you become a Celtic or a Laker", Pierce said.

Dwayne Wade hears it when he goes home to Chicago. I don't think Rasheed Wallace ever heard it when he went back to Philadelphia. I guess the dislike only goes for select players.


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