Saturday, February 26, 2011

Phil Jackson Calls The Pistons Incident A 'Black Eye' For The NBA

Since when did Phil Jackson become the great sympathizer about the plight of the NBA. Earlier this week Jackson was telling reporters that th Sacramento Kings should stay in Sacramento, although his statement seemed a little slanted toward not having to share a part of the Los Angeles market with another team.

Jackson is now sympathizing with Detroit Pistons head coach John Kuester. Kuester has had to put up with a player mutiny and the image of Tracy McGrady laughing at his ejection from last night's loss to the Philadelphia 76ers. Jackson called the "mutiny" a 'black eye' for the NBA.

"I feel badly for John Kuester," Lakers coach Phil Jackson said. "I think it's a black eye for the league. I know Detroit is in disarray right now at some level. You worry about a coach and, you know, his psyche after something like that happens."

I've seen Jackson be a backhanded sympathizer but he looks to be pretty genuine this time around. In do feel a little sorry for Kuester, but i believe he was never the man for the job to begin with.

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