Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Absolutely Heartless

This story is just out and out horrible. Except for the part about the police catching the person behind the crime.

Pittsburgh police arrested a 17 year old boy for robbing an usher after an extra innings Pirates game. Whe you read that part you figure it's your normal everyday robbery. But the victim in the crime was robbed after he pulled his car over while suffering a heart attack.

Police aren't identifying the suspect because of his age. They said Tuesday he approached the car and pulled out 58-year-old driver Michael Schacht, who had been slumped over and in distress. They say he stole the man's wallet and drove off in his car, leaving him on the ground.

That's just foul, no pun intended. The suspect doesn't qualify to be charged as an adult, but he deserves whatever punishment is doled out to him.

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