Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Luke Scott Still Challenging President Obama's Authenticity

Since President Barack Obama ran for office many have questioned his place of birth. I'm not going to go into my personal thoughts about this topic, except that no one has ever had their authenticity questioned more than President Obama.

Luke Scott of the Baltimore Orioles still think that the President of the United States is a phony. In an article by Sam Mellinger of the Kansas City Star, Scott voices his opinion on the recent turn of events where  President Obama's birth certificate was produced.

“(President Obama’s) birth certificate has yet to be validated,” he is saying.

“If they can counterfeit $100 bills, I think it’s a million times easier to counterfeit a birth certificate, if you ask me,” Scott says. “So, all it is, let’s just see if it’s real. Anybody can produce a document, so let’s check it out.”

This is a story I would like to see die.


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Core Contrarian said...

What about Scott's birth certificate.

Two first names?!

What's up with that?