Saturday, April 7, 2012

Kurt Warner says Gregg Williams deserves a second chance

The NFL is a league of second chances. Ask Pacman Jones and Michael Vick about the chances they've had to redeem themselves in the eyes of the league. Kurt Warner is also a forgiving man. That has to do more with his religious background. I know anyone that put a hit out on me would never be forgiven.

Warner believes former New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator, Gregg Williams, should be given a second chance to be on an NFL sideline. Warner was named specifically in the NFL investigation into the bounty program Williams was running while he was defensive coordinator of the New Orleans Saints.

 “All this talk about Gregg Williams receiving a “LIFETIME” ban from NFL,” Warner wrote on Twitter. “I disagree, we all deserve a 2nd chance!”

A fan responded to Warner’s tweet by pointing out that Williams already got a second chance when the NFL first warned the Saints that bounties would not be tolerated, and that Williams ignored the warning and continued the bounties. But Warner says the NFL should continue its long tradition of giving people the opportunity to redeem themselves.

“Guys that have gone 2 prison? Failed multiple drug test? Taped practices? All got 2nd chance!” Warner wrote.

Warner is the type to let bygones be bygones and just let it go. But Williams and the Saints had been warned before and he failed to heed the leagues warning. And with the recent video about putting specific San Francisco 49er players on the shelf, doesn't help his cause to get another chance.

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