Friday, April 6, 2012

Ventura and Ryan on speaking terms

It's been nearly twenty years since the infamous Nolan Ryan/Robin Ventura brawl, which Ryan got the best of Ventura and has been a running joke since then. A then 46 year old Ryan took the young Ventura to the woodshed. Numerous videos have been shown and Ventura has never been able to live it down.

The two have never crossed paths until today. Ryan is the CEO of the Texas Rangers and Ventura is the manager for the Chicago White Sox. It was the opener for both teams in Arlington today and they finally had a chance to speak. 

Ryan went over to the White Sox clubhouse and wished Ventura good luck. There was never any ill will between the two over the fight.

"He was a very good player and very successful player," Ryan said Thursday. "It was just a reaction or response to the moment. He and I had no personal interaction prior to that night. There was nothing that precipitated it from something previously."

The video of the fight is a staple at Rangers games but Ventura doesn't seem to mind, although it sounds a little bitter.

"It's not like I haven't seen it," Ventura said Thursday. "It's up to them. They can play it if they want. It's not going to change any decision I make or anything else I do."

I'm sure Ventura doesn't like having to see himself get pummeled by what was deemed an old man.

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