Sunday, May 6, 2012

Mayweather might be playing Pacquiao how Sugar Ray Leonard played Marvin Hagler

Floyd Mayweather took care of business before a three month stint in the pokey by beating Miguel Cotto via unanimous decision. Mayweather acknowledged that this might've been the toughest fight he's ever had. No the focus once again turns to Manny Pacquiao. Mayweather says there are reasons he won't take the fight (Bob Arum, performance enhancing drugs), while others will always say he's scared.

Call me out on this if you want, but Mayweather is not ducking Pacquiao. He has his reasons for not taking the fight which I can agree with. But i feel he's cheating the general public by not facing what would be his biggest challenge. Everyone will say that Mayweather only decisioned Cotto and Pacquiao defeated Cotto by knockout. Ok, big deal. Mayweather has never been a knockout artist.

After reading an article on the Sugar Ray Leonard-Marvin Hagler fight on I see some similarties on how the supposed negotiations between Mayweather and Pacquiao are going and how Leonard  and Hagler came together.

For the longest everyone said that Leonard was ducking Hagler. Leonard had been out of the fight game for four years and Hagler was running out of contenders in the middleweight division. Leonard never thought he could beat Hagler until two things happened. First Roberto Duran took Hagler the distance and lost but according to Leonard Duran told him after the fight that he could beat Hagler. The second moment came in March of 1986 when Hagler took on challenger John "The Beast" Mugabi. Hagler took down Mugabi in an eleven round war in which Leonard was present. Hagler took a lot of punishment and Leonard saw holes in Hagler's armor which enticed him to finally take the fight. If you read the article everyone though Hagler was slowing down and that Mugabi would probably be his last fight. Anyone around Hagler and most boxing experts thought Hagler was near the end and that his heart wasn't in it anymore.

My assessment might not be dead on, but Mayweather will be locked up when Pacquiao fights Timothy Bradley on June 9. Now I don't know if Mayweather will be able to view the fight but maybe his uncle Roger or one of his other people will be in Las Vegas to view it for him. After Pacquiao had some trouble with Juan Manuel Marquez he might face some with Bradley even though Bradley is a heavy underdog. This might be the fight where Mayweather sees some holes in Pacquiao's game and then call him out and finally take the fight.

Fair or unfair, Mayweather will always be called a coward for not buckling in to make the fight happen. Maybe he just wants Bob Arum out of the way. With Pacquiao saying that he might retire soon and seems resigned to never fighting Mayweather. Maybe Mayweather is setting him up. I'm not giving Mayweather credit for being a mental giant in the game of human chess, but I think he might be setting a trap for him. Getting Pac-Man to talk retirement and softening him up mentally and then just saying he'll take the fight on any terms. Kind of what Hagler did to Leonard. Took the fight on any terms.

As of now it'll always remain a mystery as to why they'll never fight, but after a little bit of thought and revisionist history I figured this might be the only way the megafight boxing needs might happen. Leonard took on Hagler when many thought Hagler was at the end of his illustrious career and Mayweather might be taking the same path to a showdown with Pacquiao.

It's time to amke it happen and get it on.    

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