Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Randy Shannon suing the U. over money owed to him

Former University of Miami football coach Randy Shannon is suing the school for money he says is owed to him that was guaranteed for the final year of his contract.

Translation: Shannon was cut short when he was fired and wants his money.

If "The U" didn't pay Shannon what he was owed they should pay the man what was coming to him. They already fired him, so just pay him his money.

Shannon was fired in November 2010 after going 28-22 in four seasons. On Feb. 1, 2010, two deals - an employment agreement and a guarantee agreement - both went into effect. The lawsuit states that because those were less than a year old when Shannon was fired, the university decided to prorate the amount of what he was owed in the event of a firing by about one-sixth.

Exact amounts of what Shannon was owed were not detailed in the lawsuit, because terms of the employment agreement requires him to keep the amounts confidential. The lawsuit said Miami has been making monthly payments to Shannon, but at a rate lower than what was stipulated in the coach's contract.

''They are taking a credit for what they contend is an overpayment,'' said Shannon's attorney, Jack Scarola. 

''It's our position in the lawsuit that they are not entitled to do that.''

Shannon was under contract through Jan. 31, 2014, and was to receive a guaranteed amount per year if he was fired.  

Shannon is requesting a jury trial in this case. The number of dollars involved aren't named but I know that Shannon wouldn't be taking this to court over a few nickels and dimes.

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