Thursday, May 3, 2012

Two Michigan State football players involved in car accident

For the second time in less than a month a Michigan State athlete has been involved in a car accident. A few weeks ago Spartan basketball player Adreian Payne was involved an an accident caused by a deer. On Wednesday afternoon football players William Gholston and Lawrence Thomas were involved in a rollover accident.

Both players walked away from the accident in good health and were not at fault for the accident.

"William Gholston and Lawrence Thomas were shaken after being involved in a rollover accident Wednesday afternoon," associated athletic director John Lewandowski said Thursday. "The police responded within minutes of the accident, and thankfully, no one was seriously injured. Fortunately, both of them were wearing their seat belts and that made a difference in ensuring their safety."

Gholston said on this Twitter account, "Man you learn to appreciate life everyday."

They should value their lives very much after this big scare.

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