Monday, May 14, 2012

Torii Hunter on restricted list due to son's arrest

Torii Hunter won't be in the Los Angeles Angels' lineup for an undisclosed amount of time because his son has been arrested in connection with to a sexual assault in Prosper,Texas. Hunter has been placed on the restricted list by the Angels.  

Hunter's son,  Darius McClinton-Hunter, was arrested along with four other students at Prosper High School on charges related to sexual assault.

The investigation into the alleged sexual assault was reported about a month ago "and culminated with the arrest of these five individuals today," said Prosper Assistant Police Chief Gary McHone.

"There's a lot of information we're receiving to date in terms of the actual alleged offenses," he said. "That's still part of our ongoing investigation."

McClinton-Hunter's attorney, Todd Shapiro says the family is upset and devastated.

"Everybody is devastated," he said. "They're very upset. He's a 17-year-old kid. He has a very bright future; he still does. He's a very good student. He's a good athlete. He has a lot going for him."

I feel bad for Hunter, but I feel worse for the victim who'll have to relive this through a trial and have to fight through the mental torture for the rest of their life.

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