Monday, May 14, 2012

VCU joining Atlantic 10 in 2013

VCU will be leaving the Colonial Athletic Association and joining the Atlantic 10 in 2013. The move will be announced Tuesday.

On Friday, George Mason, which along with VCU and Butler had discussions with the Atlantic 10, announced it was staying in the CAA. However, sources told at the present time the Atlantic 10 was looking to add only one more school and VCU got the nod over Mason.

In the latest basketball related realignment move this makes sense for the Rams as they move from a one bid league to a multiple bid league in the A-10. And don't try to sell me on how it's more competitive in the Atlantic 10 and the Rams won't be able to rule the roost in a lesser conference.

With the recent additions of Butler and VCU it makes the loss of Temple (Big East) and Charlotte (Conference USA) easier to deal with. The move also gives the Rams a natural rivalry with Richmond and George Washington.

When it comes to basketball related realignment the Atlantic 10 is a winner.      

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