Sunday, January 13, 2013

Marlins owner Loria orders front office media boycott

I guess when you constantly get ripped by the local media, you boycott them. At least that's what it appears Miami Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria is instructing members of his front office to do.

Besides forbidding president David Samson from doing his radio show, Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria also told Samson that he can no longer do interviews. That’s short-sighted, because Samson made himself more accountable and accessible than many team presidents, even amid unpopular decisions made solely by Loria. Loria, by the way, has refused to speak to the media since mid-November.

When you basically give have the locals foot the bill for a new stadium, have a season go horribly wrong. and then proceed to have a fire sale, expect to get ripped. If you ask Marlins fans they'll tell you that Loria is the worse owner in MLB. Then he feels that he or any of his cronies shouldn't be accessible to local media.

Loria better get used to it because this season is shaping up to be worse than last year.

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