Sunday, January 13, 2013

Raiders interview Mike Martz for the offensive coordinator job

Mike Martz was thought to be one of the better offensive minds in the NFL at one point. After orchestrating the 'Greatest Show On Turf' with the St. Louis Rams and becoming their head coach, Martz has been somewhat of a vagabond.

Going to the Detroit Lions, San Francisco 49ers, and Chicago Bears somewhat sullied his reputation. But when you run an offense that gets the quarterback maimed on nearly every play, you don't need help. Also he seems to outsmart himself an awful lot. I've watched enough games where Martz happened to be on the sideline to figure it out. That's the reason he's out of coaching. Philosophical differences with the man in charge.

The Oakland Raiders are looking for an offensive coordinator and Martz could be their man after giving Greg Knapp the boot. The Raiders reportedly interviewed Martz on Saturday. Head coach Dennis Allen says he's in no hurry to find an offensive coordinator and just wants to get the right guy in. I guess I wouldn't be in a hurry after the Raiders had trouble scoring points this season.

“I don’t have a time frame for getting somebody in,” Allen said. “I want to make sure we get the right guy, and however long that takes for us to get the right guy, that’s how long that that takes.”

 “I’ll be comfortable with a guy I feel like gives us the best chance to be successful in all areas,” Allen said.    

Martz may or may not be the right guy. Considering the Raiders have Darren McFadden in the backfield and Martz seems to be allergic to the run (ask Marshall Faulk), this may not be a stable bridge to cross. Also with Carson Palmer's age and his immobility, he could get killed in Martz's scheme.

Martz's offense can put points on the board and be exciting, but I just don't see the Raiders as the right fit. As I mentioned before, he's always outsmarting himself and seems like one to undermine the head coach.

This is a hire I would pass on if I'm the Raiders.

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