Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Notre Dame's Kelly on Eagles' radar

Notre Dame head coach, Brian Kelly stated that he had no desire to leave Notre Dame. However, he did leave a crack in the door.

“For me to say I’ll never coach in the NFL -- I have no idea,” Kelly said on Friday. “I’m not trying to be evasive. It’s the truth of the matter. It’s all about timing.”

Now it appears the Philadelphia Eagles may walk through that crack in the door with an offer for Kelly. According to reports, the Eagles have interviewed Kelly and will meet with him when he returns from a trip out of the country.

With the personnel the Eagles have, hiring Kelly could work out for them, but he's also a career college coach that has no credibility with players in the NFL so it could turn out badly. I'm not saying it won't work but the Eagles may want to go with someone other than a college coach with no NFL experience. After the way the defense has played the past few years they might want to get a coach with a defensive background. 

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