Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Rolando McClain says corrupt cops are out to get him

A day after being pulled over for a window tint violation and subsequently arrested for providing the police with a false name, Oakland Raiders linebacker Rolando McClain answered that "corrupt cops are out to get him". After shedding some light on this story, it's downright comical.

He didn't exactly say that but answered a question if he thought the cops were out to get him.

“I’m falsely accused of everything,” McClain said. “It’s corrupt. It’s terrible.”  When he was asked by a reporter if he thought the cops were out to get him, McClain responded, “Yes. You said it. I answered it.”

Where this story gets funny is the point when McClain was pulled over and the exchanges that took place.

McClain told the officer he had a letter from his doctor about the window tint, which he later produced. The printed letter stated he had “photosensitivity and needed maximum ultraviolet radiation protection to include window tinting,” Crouch said.

Annerton asked him twice to roll the window up partially so he could check the tint, and McClain refused both times, Crouch said.

“He tells the officer he’s got a letter from his doctor and that’s all he needs,” Crouch said.

Annerton called for a supervisor to meet him, and Sgt. Stan Elliott responded.
McClain eventually did roll up his window enough for Annerton to use a tint meter, which measures how much light can go through the window, and determine the tint was too dark, Crouch said.

“Sgt. Elliott told McClain that type of doctor’s recommendation should have been written on a medical prescription, to which McClain responded that Sgt. Elliott was not the officer that stopped him, so McClain didn’t have anything to say to him,” Crouch said.

Elliott told McClain he would be issued a ticket and could present any doctor’s orders on his court date.

“McClain took (the ticket) and appeared to sign it, but when officer Annerton got the ticket book back, he saw that McClain had written ‘F y’all’ instead of signing his name,” Crouch said. 

McClain was asked to sign his real name and claimed 'F y'all' was it. That when the cops decided to book him.

I don't know what world McClain lives in, but he's lucky they didn't decide to administer some good ol' southern justice. That truly could've taken a turn for the worse, but luckily for us we get to see how stupid of an individual McClain is while getting a nice laugh out of it.

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