Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Boom or bust NFL prospects

There really is a lot of talent in this upcoming draft like offensive linemen Luke Joeckel, Eric Fischer,and Chance Warmack. Also cornerback Dee Milliner and defensive linemen Shariff Floyd, and Dion Jordan. But there is a few players in this draft that I think that will be complete busts that teams really need to avoid.

Alabama running back Eddie Lacy: When I evaluate Lacy he does have some potential but I really do think he will not have success in the NFL. I really thought he should have stayed at Alabama, and maybe he could have one another National Title. But when looking at him, he needs to mature as a player. Also I see that he misses openings when the linemen open them. Also he is not north to south type of runner and is not a major pass blocker. I really do think Lacy will be a bust in the NFL and teams need to either take him off their board or make sure to draft him in the later rounds.

USC Quarterback Matt Barkley: Just watching Matt Barkley control an offense he does not look like a NFL type caliber quarterback to me. First his accuracy worries me, many times at USC he let passes sail way over a wide open receiver. Also he does not have the athleticism a NFL quarterback should have. He is not very accurate throwing on the run, and he really does get pushed around. I just do not see him being a starting quarterback in the NFL. Teams need to avoid taking him in the first 2 rounds and wait till the later rounds.

BYU Defensive End Ziggy Ansah: I watched a lot of tape on Ziggy while he was at BYU and I really was not all that impressed. I saw him giving up on plays and looks tired after a lot of play time. Also he is not the blitzing end that he really needs to be. He does not attack the edge and get in the backfield like he should. Also when he is going against offensive linemen he does not show the strength to over power them and go right past them. He is high on most draft boards boards including mine but watching him more he still has a lot to improve. Also people need to know he was not a stater till his senior season. He is a big risks I think teams should avoid.

West Virginia Wide Receiver Tavon Austin.: In my opinion he is not the top receiver prospect in this draft it is Cordarrelle Patterson. Austin stats were very eye popping this year but the major yards that he got were against some of the worst pass defenses in the country. Austin is only 5'8, I know that we see a lot of smaller slot receivers but he is smaller than all of them and do not see him being a good NFL receiver. Also he is not a good run blocker and is route running needs to improve. Austin to me will not be a successful receiver and teams need to take a netter look at him.

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