Thursday, April 4, 2013

Can Griner compete at the NBA level?

You had to figure it would be Mark Cuban who could turn the NBA World upside down. Cuban said he is thinking about drafting Baylor's super center Brittney Griner with a late round pick. Even if he did not use a draft pick he was thinking about offering her a tryout anyways. The real question is the NBA ready for the invasion of women in the league. The truth is Griner is a special talent and not your run of the mill player. She has proven that she can play basketball at a high level.

Now the question will be asked can she compete with the men in the NBA.. The answer to that is yes and no. Yes she can compete with them, but I think it would be on a limited scale. You cannot expect Brittney Griner to give you 40 minutes a game against men. I think between 15 to 20 minutes she could be very useful. Mark Cuban seems to have that kind of thinking as well. It will be interesting to see if Cuban goes through with what he said of drafting her or at least giving a tryout. No matter what it does make for an interesting draft coming up.

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