Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Geno Smith's former agents wish him the best

New York Jets second round draft pick, quarterback Geno Smith fired his agents after his free fall through the first round of the NFL Draft. Although Smith said that the draft experience wasn't the sole reason, most believe that is why he gave them the boot.

His former agents, Jeff Nalley and Erik Burkhardt of Select Sports Group  have taken the high road in this and have wished Smith the best in his NFL career.

“We worked tirelessly for Geno Smith and all of our draft prospects,” the firm said in a statement released to PFT.  “The NFL Draft is unpredictable, and we prepared Geno and all of our draft prospects, as we do every year, about what can happen during the draft.   Not only did we tell him that what transpired on the first day of the draft was possible, the question of whether Geno would be a first- or second-round pick was arguably the most talked about subject in the three months leading up to the draft.   We wish Geno the best.”

Maybe if Smith would've performed better after West Virginia took a nosedive because their defense wasn't very good he wouldn't have lasted until the 39th pick. When you're the quarterback of your job is to lift team to a victory no matter what adversity you face. When it became evident that the key to beating the Mountaineers was to keep the defense on the field it was Smith who should've taken his game up another notch.

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