Monday, July 8, 2013

Detroit Lions don't want to be on HBO's Hard Knocks

Last season it took awhile for HBO to find an NFL team to participate in it's 'Hard Knocks' series. Eventually the Miami Dolphins decided to take part in the show.

Plenty of teams don't want anything to do with the show, citing it as a distraction. The Detroit Lions are one of those teams. Team president Tom Lewand stated that he still doesn't want his team to do the show even though commissioner Roger Goodell is exploring having a "formal rotation" among all the teams.  

“You guys asked me how I felt about it,” he told reporters, “and it’s the same way I felt about it last year.”

The NFL gets enough exposure as it is but Goodell would like for 'Hard Knocks' to continue because it puts money in his pocket and the NFL coffers.  I certainly don't feel the league should mandate any team to except it. These guys are not role models, not heroes. They are athletes and as we already know they are all too human. They are already overexposed, and I think the NFL will do just fine without the HBO money.

I don't blame Lewand for feeling the way he does and not wanting the Lions to do the show.

The Lions have been the butt of many jokes over the years and I'm sure Jim Schwartz and the Lions brass wouldn't like seeing what goes on behind closed doors exposed to the nation.


Anonymous said...

These guys are getting smarter every day (or perhaps it is as they get further and further away from Matt Millen)

Chris Edwards said...

I would like to think they are but the jury is still out.