Monday, July 8, 2013

Brandon Knight believes he's the 'best man' to be the Pistons' point guard

Detroit Pistons guard Brandon Knight has probably heard the howling about how the team should trade him and upgrade the team's point guard position.

He definitely heard it around draft time when many fans felt the Pistons should have taken Michigan point guard Trey Burke. To Knight's credit he hasn't started popping off to the media about how good of a player he is or hasn't complained. But he does believe he's the 'best man' for the Pistons at point guard.

“I don’t really pay attention to that stuff; you hear it here and there. It’s expected,” Knight said. “Trey Burke, being from Michigan, it’s expected. It’s all good, it’s all motivation for me, though.”

In fairness to Knight, he did only play one year of college basketball followed by a lockout shortened season which stunted his development as a NBA point guard.

“If you think about it using common sense,” said Knight, who averaged four assists and shot 37 percent from 3-point range last season. “First year (2011-12) was a lockout, didn’t have that summer. Next year, played half the year (at point guard). I pretty much played it for a full year. Some of the best point guards don’t take a year to develop into what they are. They are given an opportunity to develop. Using common sense, I played it (around) 80 games.”

“A lot of great PGs, first they’re given an opportunity then have time to grow into that role.”

That is very true but many see it as a crutch. In Detroit many fans believe this year is now or never for Knight. Knight uses all the chatter as motivation, but if he doesn't prove it on the court it's all for nothing.

Memo to Knight: Don't talk about it be about it. Let your game do the talking and prove that you can be the player many thought you were coming out of college.

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