Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Jaguars list Denard Robinson as an 'offensive weapon'

Denard Robinson left the University of Michigan being known as one of the most electrifying players to play college football.

For all the memorable plays he made at Michigan, everyone knew he wouldn't be playing quarterback on Sundays. The question was always what position would he be the best fit?

The Jacksonville Jaguars drafted Robinson in the fifth round of last April's NFL draft and haven't tried figuring out a defined position for Robinson. The Jaguars have listed the EA Sports coverboy as an 'OW' on their website. For those who didn't know, that stands for 'offensive weapon'.

Robinson has done a little bit of everything since during off-season workouts and is expected to get training camp work at running back, receiver, quarterback and kick returner.

Even though it will be a lot for Robinson to digest,  I think with his demeanor and work ethic he can be a success at anywhere other than quarterback.

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