Thursday, February 18, 2010

2 kickers for $18 million dollars.Only the Raiders

Leave it to Al Davis and the Oakland Raiders braintrust to sign their kicker to a contract worth $9 million dollars.Last week it was reported that Sebastian Janikowski was signed to an extension for two years and $9 million dollars.In the same story,it was reported that the Raiders also sined punter Shane Lechler to the same deal.I know it seems like I dog the Raiders a lot on here and I really don't have much room to talk since I'm a Lions fan.At least the Lions can get rid of their mistake(Millen).The Raiders can't do anything with Al Davis.Also they make lousy draft picks(JaMarcus Russell,Darrius Heyward-Bey),hiring lousy coaches(Lane Kiffin,Tom Cable),they also make lousy signings that will hurt their salary cap for a few years.No one signs kickers and punters for that much.I guess this is their committment to excellence.

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