Thursday, February 18, 2010

Johnny Damon tells his wife she'll go where I go

Free Agent outfielder Johnny Damon is reportedly being courted by the Chicago White Sox and the Detroit Tigers among others.The Tigers also have a two year,$14 million dollar offer on the table which damon is mulling over.His wife decided to speak on the subject of his possible whereabouts,by saying "she wants to go to a more cosmopolitan city".I guess she doesn't want to come to Detroit.Problem is,Detroit is offering the most money.And we know in the world of professional sports,it's all about the money.Damon,being the cash cow,breadwinner et al.,says "she'll go wherever I go".He either is protecting his wife or she must've had his kahunas in her purse for awhile and he wanted to reclaim them.Personally,I think she should keep her mouth shut.Last time i checked it was Johnny and not her crashing into the centerfield wall in Yankee Stadium.It was Johnny hitting home runs and stealing bases, not her.So I guess if he signs with Detroit,she'll come with him and will happily spend his money.

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