Thursday, February 18, 2010

Duke lacrosse accuser charged with attempted murder

The woman that accused the Duke University lacrosse team of rape,Crystal Mangum,has been charged with attempted murder and arson and more.
  Mangum alledgedly,since we don't know the details of the case,assaulted her boyfriend,Milton Walker,set his clothes on fire,and threatned to stab him.She was charged with attempted first degree murder,arson,identity theft,assault and battery,communicating threats,three counts of misdemeanor child abuse,injury to personal property,and resisting a public officer.Quite a list of charges for Ms. Mangum.Also for that little stunt she pulled by crying wolf on the Duke lacrosse team, accusing three team members of rape, you know her credibility is shot.She made it bad for women who were actually raped and the case swept under the rug.This makes her look like a psycho that has no control over her emotions.Now,we don't know what led her to do what she did,and it wouldn't make it right,but i'm sure she has a reason.But that was overkill.I can understand if you want to kick a man in his junk and beat him,but wanting to stab and burn him,come on! Just a case of poetic justice I guess.

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