Sunday, February 27, 2011

Austin Daye Issues An Apology About The Shootaround Incident

After Saturday night's game against the Utah Jazz, Detroit Pistons forward Austin Daye gives an apology to fans and coach John Kuester.


He should be apologizing for his actions. Rodney Stuckey and Chris Wilcox should be giving out apologies as well. They act as if they're entitled and the big dogs on the team, when they haven't won anything in their careers. Daye and Stuckey will be here for a while so they need to straighten up. Wilcox is lucky to even have a job in the league so he really should be staying in line.

I'm not a Kuester supporter nor do I support the players in their pseudo boycott, but Joe Dumars needs to come out and give a state of the team speech or something. Come on down out of that ivory tower and give this team a dressing down in private. He's been quiet about this whole mess of a season.

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