Sunday, February 27, 2011

Nationals GM Rizzo,Jayson Werth Hates The Phillies

An excerpt from an article in the Washington Post caught an exchange between Washington Nationals general manager Mike Rizzo and new Nationals outfielder Jayson Werth.

Werth was taking some batting practice and Werth might've been taking a break when a reporter got this.

Once Werth got back behind the cage, Rizzo said, "I hate the [expletive] Phillies." The GM then ran off a list of borderline dirty plays and purpose pitches in recent years by the Nats' nemesis. "I hate the Phillies, too," said Werth. Unspoken, but hanging in the air was a new idea for the Nats: So, let's play more like the Phillies: mean, grimy and a little nasty. 

If this is the case then it's game on when the Phillies play the Nationals. I think it might've been more playful for Werth who probably has some friends on the Phillies. Besides they rescued him from the baseball scrap heap so how can he really hate them. Maybe it's because the Phillies didn't want him at an inflated price and brought back Cliff Lee instead.

I think it's Rizzo that has hate and contempt for the Phillies more than Werth. Maybe because the Washington experiment has turned out a bunch of losing seasons and the Phillies have turned into a National League powerhouse.

This might be the only time I check out a Nationals game this year.


Al Penwasser said...

Actually, I can understand Jayson Werth's desire to join the Nationals. He wanted his Octobers off.

c note said...

He'll have plenty of time off in the fall now.