Sunday, February 27, 2011

Referee And Brazil Soccer Federation On The Hook For $96 Million

I'm not big on soccer. Don't like it won't watch it and will dispute it till I'm blue in the face that it's a legit sport. But this story caught my eye.

The Brazil soccer federation and a referee are sharing a $96 million dollar fine. That's like being sentenced to 120 years in prison. How do you pay that back. Their great great grandkids will be paying back that money. I understand that they're are a lot of people involved in this, but $96 million. I'm lucky to have $96 dollars.

All this over a match fixing scandal. You know if that happened over here there would've been conspiracy theories everywhere. Remember the Lakers-Kings playoff series? That has nothing on this.

A civil court has ruled that the federation and Edilson Pereira de Carvalho must share the fine for the scandal that forced 11 matches to be replayed after the referee confessed to accepting bribes from gamblers to ensure the outcomes of games. Corinthians eventually won matches that it had lost and clinched the title.-The Associated Press

No word on how this is going to be divided up. No college basketball point shaving scandal has ever been this large.


Al Penwasser said...

Plus, I hate it when they have to decide the winner by penalty kicks. That's like playing "Horse" to determine the winner of the NBA finals.

c note said...

Also you can't use your hands.