Sunday, January 15, 2012

Will Brandon Weeden Succeed At The NFL Level?

From now until April there will be lots of jockeying for players in this spring's NFL Draft. There is one player that has me a bit curious. Oklahoma State quarterback Brandon Weeden. I'm no scout or have any knowledge about what teams look for in a quarterback. I think Weeden would be worth the risk to take a first day flier on.

He will get knocked down a peg or two because of his age. He's 28, pitched in the New York Yankees farm system for five years (he was a second round pick in 2002) before coming back to college. The question is, is he more Chris Weinke that Roger Staubach.

I think his age and maturity will help him adjust to the pro game. Whether he'll be able to adjust to the speed of the game is a different story. He has the arm, mobility, and can make the throws. He did have his moments where he forced things that got him in trouble (see Iowa State game). He did have good receivers to throw to (thanks Justin Blackmon) that could've made him look better than he really is.

Another knock on him is that he played in a shotgun spread offense. The same knock that killed Texas tech quarterbacks coming out of college. I think he can overcome that if given a chance and play in a pro style system.

"The biggest concern that will build momentum leading into the 2012 NFL Draft for Brandon Weeden, undoubtedly will be his age. As a 28 year old, a perceived inability to develop, and limited upside bring reason to doubt Weeden's long term success. Some have even gone as far to say he can only be a one-contract player. With a relatively poor track record of minor league baseball players in the NFL, ranging from Chris Weinke to Drew Henson, it is easy to dismiss Weeden's pro potential.

I think Weeden will be a third round pick at best. He could slide up to the seond round if he has a killer combine and pro day. Maybe he hit his ceiling in college and it gets no better for him. I do think he could wind up going to a quarterback starved team such as the Washington Redskins, Miami Dolphins, or Seattle Seahawks. If he gets into a savior type situation it won't be good for him.


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